The new Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme provides assistance to homeowners who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home in order to reduce energy use and costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It open to all owners of existing houses. Grants available include insulation, upgrade of heating controls and BER assessments. All Gas Heating registered contractor under the Home Energy Saving scheme. As a RGI installer with the required insurance coverage we are approved.

In response to the Government launch of a €100 million National Insulation Programme, NEA has released details of a new package which will be eligible for funding and which will enable consumers to maximise the benefits from the insulation grants available. “Home Energy Saver” will act as a roadmap to homeowners by establishing:

  • The current BER (Building Energy Rating) of a property
  • An advisory report outlining recommended improvements relating to the insulation programme
  • Details on what grants are available relating to the suggested improvements
  • Specifics on how each recommendation will impact on the BER
  • A follow up BER once any improvements have been made
  • A quality check on improvements carried out to ensure that insulation products are installed and functioning as the homeowner required.
  • The NEA “Home Energy Saver” package is eligible for grant aid, thus reducing homeowners costs by €200. It will also outline clearly to consumers how they can avail of further grants to address specific weaknesses in their homes.

Self diagnosing problems in a home, can lead to money being spent in the wrong areas. Home Energy Saver gives confidence to homeowners that the improvements they make will have the maximum impact possible thus ensuring value for money. Homeowners can then expect to improve the energy efficiency of their home, reduce energy use and costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are SEAI registered so homeowners can avail of SEAI grants. National Energy Authority Website





See SEAI website for further information.